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Machines we are.
Machines we’ll be.
Machines we are.
Machines we see.
Machines to love.
Machines to lust.
Machines to law.
Machines to just.
Machines to work.
Machines to play.
Machines to labor.
Machines to slay.
Machines to faith.
Machines to power.
Machines of valor.
Machines of cower.
Machines of joy.
Machines of sadness.
Machines of anger.
Machines of wickedness.
Loyal to family.
Loyal to friend.
Loyal to master.
Loyal to the end.
Machines are numb.
Machines don't feel.
Machines are confused.
Machines to zeal.
Machines we are.
Machines we’ll be.
Machine is all we ever were.
We are machines can’t you see?
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We asked for change.
We asked for machines that liberated us from tough and dangerous work.
We now have men out of work and fewer jobs for them to return to.
We asked for equality.
We now have sterotypes for people of different skin color and culture.
We asked for peace.
We now have weapons of absloute destruction, itchy to fire at the sign of conflict.
We asked for connection.
We now have a multinational web filled spiders of tasteless gossips and lies.
We asked for fun.
We now have explicit ideas shown on media, vulgar and depriving of innocence.
We asked for a better future.
So where is it now?
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You know by The13PagedNoteBook
Mature content
You know :iconthe13pagednotebook:The13PagedNoteBook 0 0
This generation's music by The13PagedNoteBook This generation's music :iconthe13pagednotebook:The13PagedNoteBook 0 3 When someone says something mean to me I'm like... by The13PagedNoteBook When someone says something mean to me I'm like... :iconthe13pagednotebook:The13PagedNoteBook 0 5
I just
I just want a room
I just want to open a door to a haven.
I just want to admire its structure.
I just want to close it and lock it forever.
I just want a room.
I just want to walk around it all day.
I just want to study every corner with detail.
I just want to sit down whenever I’m tired.
I just want a room.
I just want to rock back and forth in a rhythm.
I just want to roll over when I’m tired.
I just want to lay down on my back and sleep on the floor.
I just want a room.
I just want something simple.
I just want it to be something I can live in.
I just want it to be solitary.
I just want a room.
I want to be silent so I don’t make a mistake.
I just want it to be quiet so I don’t hear the riot outside.
I just want to admire myself for what I can do.
I just want a room.
I just want a room.
I just want a room.
Just so I can be alone.
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-Month 04/Day 18/Year XXXX-
-Time: 3:02 P.M.-
Another day, another disappointment for Maria Price. I couldn’t believe how much of a waste of time today was. Oh wait, yes I did. Stupid team, pathetic teachers, and worst of all is the student body. Since I have nothing important to write about this day I’ll just summarize everything that has happened so far in the last couple of months.
This is a school designed to turn helpless idiots into warriors that can annihilate all those who oppose the human race. I’ve been preparing since the day I was damn born to learn how to kill Grimm and this school was the first step into my career as a Huntress. When the head master of this damn place decides to pair all us first-year trainees with random nobodies I wanted to shoot him in the head for making a dumb joke like that. Sadly for me, it wasn’t a joke and I was stuck with a partner, a dude to boot named Rainhart, who acted more of a wet noodle then a Huntsman-in-training.
:iconthe13pagednotebook:The13PagedNoteBook 2 2
What it means
Hello, how are you?
Means: Why are you here and what do you want?
I’m having a fine day thank you!
Means: My life became bleaker the moment you came, and every second darker.
Are you okay? Do you need help?
Means: I’m only here because of I’m not heartless, but I wish I was.
We should hang out sometimes!
Means: Yeah, like I actually wish for your company
I hope we can be on good terms with each other!
Means: As in not ever talking with me, ever. If we do then we can get along.
I will try to be better!
Means: If I’m not good for you, neither are you to me. Now shut up.
I’m sorry!
Means: Shut up
I wish I can make up to you!
Means: No I don’t you little…
I hope we can still be good friends!
Means: I want you gone and out of my life
Thank you!
Means: Shut up
That’s nice of you!
Means: Shut up
Go ahead!
Means: Shut up

Means: Shut up…
Means: Now leave me alone…
:iconthe13pagednotebook:The13PagedNoteBook 1 13


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Not sure why I am typing up a new entry but hey, I typed this far so I'll say what's on my mind if you so wish to continue reading.
Going to keep this brief I am going to go talk to a psychiatrist or something soon and going to go check up on that noggin of mine. There has been some questions that have been popping up and I'm hoping that I can get answers when I visit.

I'm pretty sure I'm just being paranoid but that's what makes me shiver. I'm typically right when I'm paranoid.


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